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Halperin Demian and Schreiber Gabriel. Death Acceptance through Otherness

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Author:   Halperin Demian and Schreiber Gabriel
Headline:   Death Acceptance through Otherness
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Language:   English

When the subject of death appears in the therapeutic context, dealing with it can be a complex task. Levinas proposed that there is no anxiety towards one's own death but rather that fear for death is fear for the Other's death, meaning that because of death's incomprehensibility, it can only be experienced when it happens to others. According to him, both death and the Other represent a way out of solitude for the subject. Death is thus intrinsically related to human encounter. The present work deals with the way the philosophy of ethics, by drawing our attention to our responsibility in the face of the Other, helps us understand and address the question of death in relational therapy.

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